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Structural Engineering

We offer complete and comprehensive structural analysis and design services, including the analysis and design of new structures, the rehabilitation of old, and all stages in between. We have extensive experience in most modern building materials, including steel, concrete, timber, and composites. All of our structural engineers have several years of experience utilizing powerful finite element software.

  1. Power Plant Structures
  2. Offshore Modules & Skids
  3. Manufacturing Plants
  4. Commercial Buildings
  5. Bridges and Road Design


Structural design includes structural foundations. Our engineers have extensive in analysis and design of foundations for all types of load and soil conditions.

  1. Founding upon soft sedimentary soils (such as those found in south Louisiana).
  2. Founding upon bedrock materials found in most other parts of the world.
  3. Drive Pile Foundations
  4. Auger Cast Foundations
  5. Rock Anchors