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Transmission / Drive

Modern automatic transmission system is the most complex system in automobile consisting mechanical systems, hydraulic systems, electrical systems and computer controls working in unison for smooth operation.

Our engineering teams work on transmission and drive system to improve control, vehicle performance, do effective customization and deliver the best solutions at the most competitive cost exceeding client’s requirements.

Our engineers have extensive engineering, product design and development knowledge on automobile transmission systems and its components. We support our clients with support prototype development and conduct validations tests EVT/DVT/PVT). We test structural integrity, check for functional characteristics and enhance performance improvements as per our client needs. Our engineers have worked on transmission components for Hyundai, Mahindra & Mahindra, TVS Motors, Ford Motors and with Mando Brakes (braking system and accessories).

Our designers have worked for MRF, Dunlop for their tyre design.We do designand model wheelhub, rearhub,wheel bearing, and the accessories.

Our engineering services has helped OEMs to increase their product quality, reduce production cost, improve their manufacturing process, comply with stringent regulations and successfully complete complex multidisciplinary projects.

We offer followingservices:

  • Consulting and Solution Development
  • Product Design, Development and Prototyping
  • NVH services